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Leaders in Intellectual Property Protection

Maine Cernota & Rardin is a U.S. Patent and Trademark Law Firm providing quality legal representation for a broad spectrum of national and international clients.

In this age of information, intellectual property is the lifeblood of most growing companies. If your business depends upon the cultivation of innovative new technologies, the protection of your intellectual property is paramount to a successful future.

Our attorneys are experts in intellectual property law who harbor real-world experience in many facets of engineering and science. Distinguished in their expertise, they understand the critical role that intellectual property plays in the valuation of a technology-driven company. At Maine Cernota & Rardin, we help clients develop powerful strategies, which support their business objectives and ensure a strong position in the marketplace.

Our intellectual property attorneys specialize in:

  • Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
    The development and protection of your company’s intellectual property portfolio is an essential component of its continued success. Our knowledgeable patent and trademark lawyers will work closely with your team to identify and manage your company’s most valuable intellectual property assets.
  • Patent Portfolio Development
    For sophisticated businesses, the protection of novel ideas, designs, and concepts is a necessary capital investment. The intellectual property attorneys at Maine Cernota & Rardin will provide patenting advice and skillfully guide your company through the intricate complexities of the U.S. patent prosecution process.
  • Trademark Portfolio Development
    The use of distinguishing trademarks is an important factor in the branding of your company and the promotion of consumer goodwill. At Maine Cernota & Rardin, our trademark lawyers can provide comprehensive legal counseling on the selection, availability, registration, and policing of trademarks such as logos and symbols.
  • Copyright Portfolio Development
    Safeguarding original works of authorship such as software, drawings and publications is fundamental to the success of any technological enterprise. Our firm’s intellectual property attorneys can assist your company with the preparation and filing of copyright applications as well as copyright assignments and licensing.

Since our inception in 1993, Maine Cernota & Rardin has been firmly committed to providing strong and responsive legal service to our clients. To learn more about how our patent and trademark attorneys can help protect your company’s intellectual property rights, please contact us at (603) 886-6100 US.

In an age of rapidly expanding technology, the acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property is the single, most successful business strategy on the planet.


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