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March 2020: COVID-19: How we are managing in this uncertain time.

July 2019: Local IP law firm adds a seasoned veteran to its roster!

October 2018: MCR Celebrates 25 Years

January 2018: Nashua Patent Law Firm Announces Newest Member

July 2016: Nashua Patent Law Firm Has a Win of a Furry Kind!

June 2016: Nashua Patent Law Firm Has a Win of a Different Kind!

August 2015: Nashua Patent Law Firm Goes Deep

February 2014: Plastics Engineer/Patent Attorney Broadens IP Firm’s Expertise

May 2013: UMass IP Presentation 5/15/13

January 2013: Millyard IP Presentation 1/30/13

January 2012: Firm Changes Name

January 2011: Attorney David A. Rardin becomes member of Firm

April 2010: Firm moves to new location

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October 2019: Happy National Manufacturing Day!

October 2019: Focus on Vernon Maine

September 2019: Focus on Daniel Long

August 2019: Focus on Matthew Curran

July 2019: Focus on David Rardin

July 2019: Focus on Andrew Cernota

June 2019: Focus on Douglas Burum

May 2019: 2019 INTA Boston

April 2019: 2019 World IP Day

October 2018: 2018 Manufacturing Day

July 2018: Patent Attorney by Day…Published Author by Night

June 2018: MCR’s newest Massachusetts Bar Member!

June 2018: USPTO Ten Millionth Milestone

April 2018: 2018 World IP Day

January 2018: MCR Announces Newest Member

June 21, 2017: Radio Entrepreneurs Interview with Doug Burum – (recorded podcast from 7/13/2017)

April 2017: 2017 World IP Day

October 2016: National Manufacturing Day

July 2016 – Nashua Patent Law Firm Has a Win of a Furry Kind!

June 2016: Nashua Patent Law Firm Has a Win of a Different Kind!

March 2016: PSA: Important Changes to Community Trademarks

September 2015: Alice and Subject Matter Eligibility  (Full Version Article): Alice and Subject Matter Eligibility – Full

July 2015: Supreme Court Affirms Prior Decision Preventing Royalty Collection After Patent Expiration

June 2015: The European Union Unitary Patent Update 2015

March 2015: The Hague Agreement & International Registration of Industrial Designs

October 2014: Attorney Andrew Cernota Appointed Managing Attorney

September 2014: The PTAB Death Squad

September 2014: Fun Patent Facts!

August 2014: USPTO Launches Satellite Offices Across the United States

August 2014: USPTO Announces New Office of International Patent Cooperation

July 2014: MCR is growing again!

July 2014: Washington Redskins Trademark Revoked

June 2014: The European Union Unitary Patent, At Last!

June 2014: Is Your Security Interest in IP Valid?

May 2014: Ideas That Resonate – Recognize, Capture & Profit From Intellectual Property

April 2014: Update on the Patent Prosecution Highway

April 2014: USPTO Releases NEW Third-Party Pre-Issue Submission Landing Page

March 2014: Six Ways to Challenge a Competitor’s Patent

February 2014: Meet Attorney Matthew J. Curran, Registered Patent Attorney MCR

January 2014: Announcing: The Launch of MCR’s Mobile Website!

December 2013: What is a Patent Troll?

November 2013: US Patent Fee Changes effective 1/1/2014

October 2013: Free IP Presentation by Attorney Andrew P. Cernota at the Nashua Technology Park

October 2013: MCR partipating at the 2013 Southern NH Business Expo

September 2013: Attorney David A. Rardin presenting at the 7th Annual NHJES Conference

September 2013: You are invited to Join the Conversation at SV Chamber of Commerce on 9/19/13

July 2013: MCR Congratulates TechLok

May 2013: You are invited to Join the Conversation at UMass Club on 5/15/13

April 2013: INTA-135th Annual Meeting- DALLAS, TX

April 2013: Attorney Cernota volunteers as judge for the UNH School of Law 2013 moot court arguments

April 2013: MCR Attorneys Judge Young Inventor Competition

March 2013: Australia’s “Raising the Bar Act” to become effective April 15, 2013

February 2013: Impact of 3-16-13 AIA Implementation on Agents and Non-US Applicants

February 2013: Focus on America Invents Act 3-16-13 Implementation

February 2013: Urgent News Re: US Patent Office Fee Changes

January 2013: You are invited to Join the Conversation at the Millyard on 1/30/13

April 2012: Focus on Small Entity Fees

January 2012: MCR Name Change Announcement

September 2011: Patent Reform Act 2011

May 2011: Mass High Tech to Showcase Vern Maine & Associates

April 2011: Attorney David Rardin to speak at UMass Dartmouth

April 2011: SBIR Opportunity

January 2011: Vern Maine & Associates Announces Attorney David Rardin as newest Member

January 2011: First LEGO League World Champions 2010-2011

August 2010: Taiwan and China cooperate to advance mutual Intellectual Property Rights

April 2010: Vern Maine & Associates new office location

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News Articles

Attorney Vern Maine quoted in Mass High Tech article

Commerce Under Secretary Jon Dudas To Address Independent Inventors In New Hampshire

In Search of the X-Patents

Lawyers Unearth Early Patents New York Times August 2004

In an age of rapidly expanding technology, the acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property is the single, most successful business strategy on the planet.


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