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Leaders in Intellectual Property Valuation, Protection & Portfolio Management Comprehensive counseling regarding acquisition and management of intellectual property rights and registrations, domestic and global business strategies for IP, validity and infringement, offensive and defensive considerations, litigation mitigation, licensing and cross licensing opportunities, mergers and acquisitions and related contracts.

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In an age of rapidly expanding technology, the acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property is the single, most successful business strategy on the planet.

Vernon C. Maine, Member

Vernon Maine founded the practice in 1993. He is licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and before the United States Patent Office. He describes … read more

Andrew P. Cernota, Managing Member

Andrew P. Cernota is the managing member of the firm and a registered patent attorney. He has been with the firm since 2001. He is registered to … read more

David A. Rardin, Member

Attorney David A. Rardin is a member at Maine Cernota & Rardin. David began at the firm in 2006 as a patent agent. Since 2007, he has been … read more

Douglas P. Burum, Ph.D., Agent

Dr. Douglas P. Burum, technology specialist and registered patent agent, joined the firm in 2009. He is registered to practice … read more

Matthew J. Curran, Member

Matthew J. Curran is a registered patent attorney that joined the firm in 2013 and was elected as a Member in 2018. Besides being registered to … read more

Daniel J. Long, Of Counsel

Daniel Long joined our firm as Of Counsel in 2015. For the past thirteen years before joining our firm he was the Senior Intellectual Property Counsel … read more

Walter F. Dawson

Walter F. Dawson, Of Counsel

Walter joined our firm as Of Counsel in 2019. For the past twenty four years Mr. Dawson has served as a Patent and Trademark Attorney for Pearson … read more


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