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Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

The Future of Business is Intellectual Property™.

For companies large and small, in every commercial sphere, a well-considered intellectual property strategy that is supportive of the overall business strategy, implemented with a realistic budget and executive level authority and accountability, is a 21st century business necessity.

The actual monitoring, managing and reporting of even a few intellectual property assets requires a clear understanding of the legal deadlines and procedures in each case, and the ability to balance cost, risk, and benefits of available opportunities across all cases. This must be coupled with the ability to update and execute the IP strategy in harmony with an evolving business strategy. Outsourcing the line level work of IP docket management to the skilled staff at Maine Cernota & Rardin and drawing upon the experience of its registered patent attorneys to interpret, advise, and execute the substantive handling of applications and registrations, will improve the quality, value, and sustainability of your IP portfolio.

Many clients find it important to promote a company wide awareness of the importance of its intellectual property assets and every employee’s duty to protect it. Maine Cernota & Rardin is often called upon to provide presentations to employee groups central to the creation and exploitation of its intellectual property. In addition, our attorneys often counsel on, contribute to or assist in such matters as: IP strategic planning, docket management, trade secrets, escrow agreements, valuation of IP assets, IP-derived revenue streams, employment agreements affecting IP rights, buy/sell agreements, due diligence reviews, licensing, acquisitions and divestitures, pre-litigation support, and conflict resolution.

Maine Cernota & Rardin is staffed with expert paralegals and employs contemporary business systems and specialized programs for reliable docket and data management. Applications are filed electronically with the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office whenever possible. Clients are kept up to date on every substantive change in their case. Specialized monitoring services can be provided, along with comprehensive docket reports when required.

The selection of an intellectual property law firm is an important business decision. The law firm’s understanding of the client’s technology and business objectives; the level of the client’s commitment to an IP strategy; the ease with which the attorney/client interface occurs; the level of trust required on both sides; the dependency on the quality of attorney work product and the timeliness of reports; the manner of billing and reporting and the perceived value in the work billed; the willingness of both parties to discuss their respective further concerns and objectives. These are all valid concerns that should be discussed at the interview stage. The “fit” must feel right from the start.

For a more detailed description of the firm’s capabilities and the manner in which we conduct our practice or to arrange an opportunity to meet with one of our attorneys for an initial consultation, with no obligation, please contact the firm by email or phone anytime.

In an age of rapidly expanding technology, the acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property is the single, most successful business strategy on the planet.


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