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October 2018: MCR Celebrates 25 Years

January 2018: Nashua Patent Law Firm Announces Newest Member

July 2016: Nashua Patent Law Firm Has a Win of a Furry Kind!

June 2016: Nashua Patent Law Firm Has a Win of a Different Kind!

August 2015: Nashua Patent Law Firm Goes Deep

February 2014: Plastics Engineer/Patent Attorney Broadens IP Firm’s Expertise

May 2013: UMass IP Presentation 5/15/13

January 2013: Millyard IP Presentation 1/30/13

January 2012: Firm Changes Name

January 2011: Attorney David A. Rardin becomes member of Firm

April 2010: Firm moves to new location

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May 2019: 2019 INTA Boston

April 2019: 2019 World IP Day

October 2018: Focus on Vernon Maine

October 2018: Focus on Daniel Long

October 2018: 2018 Manufacturing Day

September 2018: Focus on Vernon Maine

September 2018: Focus on Matthew Curran

August 2018: Focus on David Rardin

August 2018: Focus on Andrew Cernota

July 2018: Focus on Douglas Burum

July 2018: Patent Attorney by Day…Published Author by Night

June 2018: MCR’s newest Massachusetts Bar Member!

June 2018: USPTO Ten Millionth Milestone

April 2018: 2018 World IP Day

January 2018: MCR Announces Newest Member

June 21, 2017: Radio Entrepreneurs Interview with Doug Burum – (recorded podcast from 7/13/2017)

April 2017: 2017 World IP Day

October 2016: National Manufacturing Day

July 2016 – Nashua Patent Law Firm Has a Win of a Furry Kind!

June 2016: Nashua Patent Law Firm Has a Win of a Different Kind!

March 2016: PSA: Important Changes to Community Trademarks

September 2015: Alice and Subject Matter Eligibility  (Full Version Article): Alice and Subject Matter Eligibility – Full

July 2015: Supreme Court Affirms Prior Decision Preventing Royalty Collection After Patent Expiration

June 2015: The European Union Unitary Patent Update 2015

March 2015: The Hague Agreement & International Registration of Industrial Designs

October 2014: Attorney Andrew Cernota Appointed Managing Attorney

September 2014: The PTAB Death Squad

September 2014: Fun Patent Facts!

August 2014: USPTO Launches Satellite Offices Across the United States

August 2014: USPTO Announces New Office of International Patent Cooperation

July 2014: MCR is growing again!

July 2014: Washington Redskins Trademark Revoked

June 2014: The European Union Unitary Patent, At Last!

June 2014: Is Your Security Interest in IP Valid?

May 2014: Ideas That Resonate – Recognize, Capture & Profit From Intellectual Property

April 2014: Update on the Patent Prosecution Highway

April 2014: USPTO Releases NEW Third-Party Pre-Issue Submission Landing Page

March 2014: Six Ways to Challenge a Competitor’s Patent

February 2014: Meet Attorney Matthew J. Curran, Registered Patent Attorney MCR

January 2014: Announcing: The Launch of MCR’s Mobile Website!

December 2013: What is a Patent Troll?

November 2013: US Patent Fee Changes effective 1/1/2014

October 2013: Free IP Presentation by Attorney Andrew P. Cernota at the Nashua Technology Park

October 2013: MCR partipating at the 2013 Southern NH Business Expo

September 2013: Attorney David A. Rardin presenting at the 7th Annual NHJES Conference

September 2013: You are invited to Join the Conversation at SV Chamber of Commerce on 9/19/13

July 2013: MCR Congratulates TechLok

May 2013: You are invited to Join the Conversation at UMass Club on 5/15/13

April 2013: INTA-135th Annual Meeting- DALLAS, TX

April 2013: Attorney Cernota volunteers as judge for the UNH School of Law 2013 moot court arguments

April 2013: MCR Attorneys Judge Young Inventor Competition

March 2013: Australia’s “Raising the Bar Act” to become effective April 15, 2013

February 2013: Impact of 3-16-13 AIA Implementation on Agents and Non-US Applicants

February 2013: Focus on America Invents Act 3-16-13 Implementation

February 2013: Urgent News Re: US Patent Office Fee Changes

January 2013: You are invited to Join the Conversation at the Millyard on 1/30/13

April 2012: Focus on Small Entity Fees

January 2012: MCR Name Change Announcement

September 2011: Patent Reform Act 2011

May 2011: Mass High Tech to Showcase Vern Maine & Associates

April 2011: Attorney David Rardin to speak at UMass Dartmouth

April 2011: SBIR Opportunity

January 2011: Vern Maine & Associates Announces Attorney David Rardin as newest Member

January 2011: First LEGO League World Champions 2010-2011

August 2010: Taiwan and China cooperate to advance mutual Intellectual Property Rights

April 2010: Vern Maine & Associates new office location

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